Tannus History

1985 Foundation of Fine CHEMICALS Trading Company in South Korea

1985 Development of hydrophilic polymer rubber | Development of a water stopper

1989 Awarded as a promising SME

1992 Start of operation of a research institute affiliated to the company

1999 Awarded as a promising export company

2000 Establishment of a foreign branch in the factory in Guangzhou, China

2004 Establishment of a foreign branch in a factory in India

2005 Establishment of a factory in Dongguan, China

2007 Certification as a technologically innovative SME / Class A

2010 Establishment of 2nd factory in Busan, South Korea

2011 Foundation of Tannus Co. Ltd.

2013 Production and introduction of Tannus airless tires

2015 Foundation of a factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2016 Parallel to production; establishment of intellectual property agency, strategy, IP R&D project

2019 Production and introduction of Tannus Armour

2020 Production and launch of Tannus Armour tubeless, wheelchair, scooter, special e-bike tires.

• TANNUS Co. Ltd, is the pioneer and leading supplier of solid tires for bicycles.
• TANNUS Co. Ltd. has a 60% global market share in solid bicycle tires and is steadily expanding its market share by targeting other markets such as wheelchairs
• Expanding global market share for bicycle tires with puncture protection inserts